Jan 12

Note: 01-21-2010 — I am no longer suggesting that people attend the Church of God Restoration Meetings to see all the good that is there. I am concerned that someone undiscerning might go there and join up with them only to find out they are not all that they say they are.

In fact I am now suggesting that people don’t attend their meetings unless they go with a minister of the Gospel that understands the errors of the group.

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One Response to “Go To The Restoration To See All The Good?”

  1. 1. Paul Says:

    Hi, I appreciate the true teachings that this denomination teaches, but I disagree with several of their teachings that are false according to the Word. After all the things that I and my family witnessed in the Restoration, all the harm that we were done by them, and the bad fruit that we came to know them by, I would not want to send a sincere christian to be devoured by their pack of wolves in sheep’s clothing. I do want to believe that there are Christians in their group, but I saw enough hypocrisy there to cure me of any sect, regardless of name. I see problems in every other group I visit and must warn people of the false teachings of every other group I have ever visited if recommending that group. I saw worse stuff in the Restoration than any other Holiness group I have been around, yet I have heard of very bad wolves in other “good” groups. The Pentecostals are ate up with bad fruit and may be worse than the Restoration, though I think there may be some Christians there. I must tell all to stay independent of groups, read and pray, serve Jesus and not a group! Visit groups, do not join them! Prove all things, hold fast to that which is good and abstain from all evil! I am determined to live for Christ, regardless of “wicked and unreasonable men” and “blind leaders of the blind”. Pray for me, Paul

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