Oct 23

But brother what of those, that are not,
what oh what, shall be their lot.
Should we not labor, to bring them in,
to labor and plead, their souls to win.

Perhaps we first, for self should pray,
the Lord his Spirit, upon us lay.
A weeping conviction, upon our heart,
That stay with us, and never part.

A conviction first, our own soul be,
to feed by prayer, and Bible read.
To keep by faith, from power of sin,
our affections the world, never to win.

To be on guard, that heart be not,
o’er charged with pleasures, worldly thought.
That cares of life, and other things,
not crowd the soul, no fruit it brings.

Conviction next, full burden bare,
exhorting brethren, we show our care.
Having opportunity, let us do,
involved in lives, accountable through.

Caring for, the spiritually weak,
upholding hands, in prayer we seek.
How to help, the brethren dear,
oh my Lord, to heart bring near.

And thus with soul, and brethren well,
we seek for burden, to save from hell.
And pray for feet, with good news shod,
conviction give, oh my God!

Conviction weight us, heavy here,
to plea with sinners, with weeping tear.
For sleepless nights, to cry in pain,
for those lost, the Christian’s shame.

–Bob Mutch

Note: I got a text message early his morning from a good brother telling me “Glory, I’m saved” – to which I messaged back with my face beaming “Glory, glory, glory, Me too!” Then like a flood it struck me, but brother… what of those that are not saved? So I stayed in my room weeping and crying until this poem was born.

This poem came slow. It took me 2.5 hours and many tears before it was born. But this child of mine screamed a good healthy cry to my soul as I read it over and over and cried some more.

This child of mine, I wrap in love,
it was given, from God above.
I ask you hold, it close to you,
And feel it’s heat.

I trust the Lord, to bless your soul,
to give conviction, that won’t grow old.
To help you labor, to compel the lost,
Christ to meet.

Yes, that’s right, to come to Christ. No, we don’t point them to ourselves, we don’t point them to a sect, we point them to Christ.

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