Apr 15

PraiseThis morning I had a glorious time with the Lord in prayer, singing of hymns, and praise with weeping as I entered into a deeper consecration of my life and time.

Here are some of the hymns I sang in praise to the Lord.

Higher Ground
Sitting At The Feet Of Jesus
My Soul, Be On Thy Guard
I Love They Kingdom, Lord
My Jesus, I Love Thee
Blessed Quietness

I have to say I can’t think of anything else I enjoy more on a spiritual level than singing good old-fashioned hymns of praise to God. There is just something about the old hymns that touches the spirit, convicts the soul, and fills the mouth with praises and thankfulness.

Higher Ground speaks to me of the press the Lord has just blessed me with.

I’m pressing on the upward way.
New heights I’m gaining every day;
Still praying as I onward bound,
“Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.”

Lord, lift me up and let me stand,
By faith, on heaven’s table land,
A higher plane I have found.
Lord plant my feet on higher ground.
–Johnson Oatman, Jr.

Sitting at the Feet of Jesus reminds me that all I have is through Jesus.

Bless me, O my Saviour, bless me,
As I sit low at Thy feet.
Oh, look down in love upon me;
Let me see Thy face so sweet.

Give me, Lord, the mind of Jesus;
Make me holy as He is.
May I prove I’ve been with Jesus,
Who is all my righteousness.
– J.H.

My Soul Be on Thy Guard warns me to watch and pray and walk in carefulness.

My soul, be on thy guard,
Ten thousand foes arise,
And hosts of sin are pressing hard
To draw thee from the skies.

Oh, watch, and fight, and pray;
The battle ne’er give o’er;
Renew it boldly every day,
And help divine implore.

Ne’er think the vict’ry won,
Nor lay thine armor down;
The work of faith will not be done
Till thou obtain the crown.

Fight on, my soul, till death
Shall bring thee to thy God;
He’ll take thee at thy parting breath,
To His divine abode.
–George Heath

I Love They Kingdom, Lord confirms that we are to do good to all mankind, but especially to the household of faith.

For her my tears shall fall;
For her my prayers ascend;
To her my cares and toils be giv’n,
Till toils and cares shall end.
–Timothy Dwight

My Jesus, I Love Thee tells of the love I have for Jesus my lover.

My Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art mine;
For Thee all the follies of sin I resign;
My gracious Redeemer, my Savior art Thou;
If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, ’tis now.

I love Thee because Thou hast first loved me,
And purchased my pardon on Calvary’s tree;
I love Thee for wearing the thorns on Thy brow;
If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, ’tis now.
–W. R. Featherstone

Blessed Quietness is a clear testimony what the Lord has done for me in entire sanctification, which is the power of the indwelling Spirit and the eradication of the carnal nature.

Joys are flowing like a river,
Since the Comforter has come;
He abides with us forever,
Makes the trusting heart His home.

Everything is turned to gladness,
All around this glorious Guest;
Banished unbelief and sadness,
All is perfect peace and rest.
-Manie Payne Ferguson

And in His temple every one saith, ‘Glory.’ (Psa 29:9 YLT)

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