Aug 09

My new Elliptical Trainer shows how many calories you burn as you go. Below you see my 100 grams of blue berries and 1/2 cup of rice milk. This treat is 93 calories. Before I ate it I got on my Elliptical Trainer and burned the 93 calories first.

This gave me a new outlook at what I am eating. It took me 13 minutes and 15 seconds (13:15) to burn up 93 calories. I broke a really good sweat and I had my heart rate up to 165.

I am considering laying out a program for myself for the next month where I only eat 1000 calories a day and anything over that I will have to exercise before I eat.

For example when I came up stairs from burning 93 calories for my blueberry treat I saw a nice banana sitting on the counter waiting for some one to eat. I am now heading back to my Elliptical Trainer for 13 minutes and then I will be eating that banana.

My BlueBerry Treat That Cost Me 13 Minutes On The Elliptical Trainer:
13 Minutes On The Elliptical Trainer

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