Feb 22

Get More Blog CommentsHere is a list of ways you can get more blog comments on your blog. Blog comments are an important part of blogging as they will encourage a blogger to keep on blogging.

Consistent blogging take dedication and a lot of bloggers that don’t make money off there blog will experience blogger burn out. So here are ways to keep the comments coming and to keep you the blogger encouraged to blog.

1. Ask For Comments: Ask your readers to leave comments and let them know you will respond to them.

2. Questions & Polls: Ask questions and post polls from time to time.

3. Auto-Approve: Make comments live as soon as they are posted. A reader is more likely to leave more than one comment if they see the first one is auto-approved.

4. CAPTCHA: Have a challenge-response test (CAPTCHA ) that reader need to fill out before their comment will be posts, this will weed out all bot spam. Readers are far less to post a comment if they see spam comment everywhere.

5. Answer Comments: Make sure you answer all comments in a timely manner.

6. Editable Comments: Allow readers to edit their comments. People make grammar and spelling mistakes and some time their comments don’t make since. Allowing reader to edit their will make them more willing to come back and make more comments.

7. Comment Guidelines: Have guidelines for comments and make them short and to the point. Liste the guidelines above the comment field. State clear what is and what is not allowed. Here is a sample of some comment guidelines.

– Don’t make short “me to” posts, these comments will be seen as spam and deleted. If you like the post state clearly what you like about the post;
– Don’t use a key phrase rich name in the comments name field, these comments will be seen as spam and deleted;
– Don’t post a comment that you are posting all over the Internet. Post something original. Spammy Cut and Past comments will be deleted;
– If you have read a good article that is relevant to the post your are commenting on, feel free to post the title, a short description, and the URL of the article. Comments with link that are not relevant will be deleted.
– Don’t use foul language and be nice to others.

8. Comment Notify: Add a notify plugin that will put a “Notify me of follow up comments via email” check box below the comment field. This way people will be notified when there is a comment to the blog post they have commented on.

9. Social Media: Add a facebook and twitter icon so your posts can be “liked” and “tweated” with ease.

10. Disable Nofollow: Disable the nofollow link in your blog comments so that posters link gets ranking credit from the search engines.

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3 Responses to “Get More Blog Comments”

  1. 1. Wes Preece Says:

    I used auto approve comments on my bible study website’s blog and got alot more traffic. The only problem was none of the comments made sense to the post they were commenting on. Therefore, I was not able to help those who left spam comments. It does work though to get loads of more comments and traffic. I just did not like filtering through all the spam, so I had to turn off my comments all together which was a killer to my traffic.

  2. 2. Paul Says:

    Hi, Bro Bob, did not know where to post this, so I put it here.

    Please forgive me if I was out of order on that last comment the other day, I am sorry, I should have not said anything. Praying for y’all. Please pray for me. Thanks.

  3. 3. Bao ve Says:

    Thanks for share.
    If you nofollow link out, the bloggers will go away.
    Turn on dofollow in your comments.

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