Feb 04

George Goreman G Broil GrillI purchased the George Foreman G Broil Grill for $79.99 at Canadian Tire tonight. It has removable grill plates that are very easy to wash.

While I didn’t like the way the drip tray is designed as it is not attached to the grill, I am expecting to get good use out of this unit.

Susan and I have discussed a few times whether we should get a Foreman grill or not. I did some research on Google tonight and decided to take the plunge.

I picked up a pound of top sirloin steak to test out. I completely over cooked the first small steak of 200g and it was very tough. I cooked it for 6 minutes.

The second one was 100g and I cooked it for 2 minutes and it was just right. I little bit of pink in the center. Steak is twice the calories for the same weight as fish so I will have to have small steaks.

My parents, Ernest and Marion, sent me $50 for Christmas and asked me to buy something that I normally wouldn’t buy myself. So thanks for the grill Dad and Mom!

After making it to the 170’s and getting my Bowflex down in the basement and starting a workout schedule I had a double reward coming — steak and Haagen-Dazs bars.

These rewards cost me a 2405 calorie day but such is life. I am looking forward to a 100g steak with my eggs tomorrow morning.

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