Jul 23

Well I have grown some wheat grass, tomatoes, and we just harvested our garlic crop. It is really time consuming but I am still considering it. I typically put 3 cloves of garlic in a single Caesar salad, so I eat a lot of garlic.

We planted these in our flower bed outside. They are kind of small but next year we hold to do better.

Our Garlic Crop:
Garlic Crop

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2 Responses to “Garlic Crop”

  1. 1. Paul Says:

    I have found that old animal manure will make most all vegetables (including tomato, turnip, greens, onion, etc) grow faster and larger! It is also a way to put nitrogen along with other minerals in your soil organically. Chicken is my favorite, probably like a 1-0.5-0.5 commercial fertilizer. To replace 8-8-8 fertilizer just put about 5+- times the amount of chicken in your garden about 2 months before you plant, then add a little near the plant during growing season like you would use chemical fertilizer. Farm organically! Also, you can add more potassium and phosphorous, along with other minerals, by adding a little wood ash if your soil needs a higher PH. Wood ash is about a 0-2-7 fertilizer, do not put too much, or your ground may become too alkaline because of the high amount of Potassium! Manure along with your compost will greatly improve soil! It is amazing what 10 tomato plants and a 5′x10′ patch of greens can do! You may want to raise something easy to supplement your garlic crop, such as Leek and Chive! Great hobby!

  2. 2. Paul Says:

    Hi, I am getting ready for the spring garden and today, at the Greenhouse, I bought a type of garlic I have never saw! One clump is about as large as an onion! It is Huge!! Someone told me it is easy to grow, and milder in taste than normal garlic! Enjoy Gardening, Paul

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