Dec 29

Dec 29 Garbage 165 GramsWednesday is garbage day and I am working on Garbage Footprint Reduction. The last week of gargage weighed 165 grams.

I have been studying reducing my carbon footprint. Yes, I am going a bit overboard but my disposition is a bit compulsive excessive. I will balance out a bit later after I have spend a few months working on this part of my life.

This means keeping your utilities (electric, gas, water, and sewer) low, buying products that have recyclable packaging which will lower your garbage footprint, recycling all paper/cardboard/plastic packaging, composting food waste, buying only the products you need (production and transportation has a carbon footprint), buying local to avoid transportation and packaging, walking or using a bike instead of your vehicle, scheduling your vechile usable so you do a number of things at the same time.

Back in July I started composting my food waste. At the end of November I changed all my lights to 13 watt compact fluorescent and eliminated 19 bulbs. Currently I am being more careful to only have one light on in the house at a time. This will change when Susan gets back from California but for now I am working on just using one light.

For the last half of December (Susan is in California) I have kept the space heat at 50 degrees and I only turn the hot water heater on for 30 minutes a day (for a shower after I run).

Last week I added two bricks to the back of my toilet to displace water usage and today started washing my whites and darks together instead of doing two loads.

I am looking forward on Saturday to purchase a shower head that will limit the water flow. Also I have been thinking for quite a while about growing vegetables in the downstairs utility room.

This has all a good learning experience for me!

Dec 29 Garbage:

Dec 29 Garbage

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