Aug 28

1. HP Laserjet 1012 Ready To Go

2. Print Out The Odd Pages Only

3. Flip Pages on Short Edge And Put In Printer Tray

4. Print Out The Even Pages Only

5. HP Laserjet 2200d Duplex Printer Prints Both Sides — the shorter method.

6. Line Up The Top Corners And Fold The Booklet In Half — make a good crease in the middle so you will be able to see where the staple should go in when you do the stapling.

7. Fold Under Part Of The Page So It Will Fit Into The Stapler

8. Staple The Right Side

9. Staple The Left Side

10. Check The Stapling Job

11. Booklet Finished : )

12. Printers Settings Non-Duplex Printer For Even And Odd Pages — Note where you select to print out the odd pages and then the even pages.

13. Printers Settings Duplex Printer — note flip on short edge.

14. Booklet Stapler — makes stapling much easier and faster.

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One Response to “From PDF to Finished Booklet”

  1. 1. John Simpson Says:

    After trying to figure out how to tell people how to print and assemble a pdf booklet, I ran across your pdf to booklet page and added a link to my lame explanation ( Thanks for working harder at that detail than I did! But thanks more for making Wesley’s sermons available in such convenient form. That’s what got me to your site in the first place.

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