Apr 26

total-wellness-consultingSome times it is very interesting how you find things on the Internet. Frederic Patenaude the owner of Easy Raw Food Living who twitters as RawFoodGuru twittered my blog post Wheatgrass and Raw Food Questions Answered.

If someone adds a link back to an article from my blog in their twitter the WordPress blogging software I use shows an entries in the blog admin. So when I noted RawFoodGuru had twittered my blog post I checked to see what all Frederic had twittered about.

I found a twitter titled Raw Food Diet: Green Smoothie that was linked to a blog post on Diet Info Care called Raw Food Diet: Green Smoothie.

The post was a YouTube video by Yuri Elkaim on a Green Smoothie he made. I popped over to Elkaim’s site Eating For Energy and ended up signed up for his 6-part e-course called Energy Secrets after I had read some of this material on his site.

Here is a description to this free 6-part e-course offer:

Get instant access to our 6-part e-course called the “Energy Secrets”. Every day (over the next week) you will receive a new and mind-blowing lesson about how the foods you’re currently eating are keeping you fat, making you sick, and draining your energy, as well as, strategies you can use to lose weight, keep your body energized, and as healthy as possible.

I am not to sure about the Raw Food path but they do have some interesting concepts and some of what they have to say interests me due to the fact I am eating 3 to 5 fruit smoothies a day now and am looking into putting vegetable smoothies into my diet.

The path of life is interesting how you find things out and I thought share Elkaim’s site and how I found it.

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