Jan 06

Here are my first 3 shops of January 2010. This month I am working on buying all discount food and trying to keep costs below $100. This will work out to $3 a day.

This means I won’t be buying any fast food, eating out, or buying any foods that are not on the discount rank.

This should be pretty easy as I have a lot of additional food in freezer and quite a few canned goods in the pantry.

I am doing this with the thought in mind that 1/3 of the world is malnourished and another 1/3 of the world goes to bed every night hungry. This will help me be more aware of this and to be more thankful.

Also this will help me with my desire to consume less of the worlds resources and to live below my means.

I believe that as Christians we need to get free from the debt of luxury homes and newer cars and live within our means. A 16′ x 24′ cabin on some leased land and an older car that are both paid for and forsaking all the luxuries of better and bigger supersized materialism will enable us to spend more time with our family and working for Jesus.

Jan 02 $10.30

Jan 02 2010 $10.30

Jan 04 $4.17

Jan 04 2010 $4.17

Jan 06 $8.92

Jan 06 2010 $8.92

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