Sep 02

Quad Headed BoxI have a quad-headed computer system in my office so clearly I like lots of screen real estate. Here are five tips on how to give yourself more browser real estate.

1. Hide The Menu Bar — Personal Menu is a FireFox addon that allows you to hide and reveal the menu bar by pressing the Alt key.

2. Hide Your Status Bar — You can hide your Status bar but make it available with a hover using the autoHideStatusbar extention. You can also add an icon to your Navigation bar using Customise that will turn the Status bar off and on.

3. Smaller Icons On The Nav Bar — Under Customise Toolbar you can check “Use Small Icons” and your Navigation Toolbar will become smaller.

4. Full Sceen Bowser — You can press F11 and it will remove the FireFox Navigation bar and the FireFox Tabs. This works nice if you have more than one monitor.

5. More Monitors — Treat yourself to an extra monitor (if it is in the budget and it would increase your productivity). Bestbuy has the Dell 19″ Widescreen LCD Monitor (Model E1909W) for $119 with free shipping.

If some how in the process you loose all your browser menus in Firefox use Ctrl-Shift-Alt-S to bring them back.

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