Aug 13

Well the new printer I picked up here on the Island works better than the one I have in Aylmer. I just printed off my first run of 200 booklets (600 pages) and there were no problems at all. To the right is my first run of 200 booklets which I will be off shortly posting them in store bulletin boards in the small communities between Hazelbrook and Montague.

My time here has gone very fast here on the Island and I kind of wish I have booked 2 or 3 weeks instead of 8 days. I am looking forward to getting back home and working for Jesus in Aylmer.

Here is a list of the things left to do on the blog. Saad will be providing me with a detailed report on every thing that he has done which I will be posting here. We are just about ready to go into marketing mode.

2. Have logo and favicon made up (I will pay for the design work).
5. I would like the blog to auto tweet when I publish a new post, is there an extension to do that.
7. Do a post for your blogging blog (and I we put it on my blog also) listing all that you did and then we will advertise this service for $495. You should list all the plugins, why we choice the ones we did, the custom work you did, how to promote your site via twitter, posting in same theme forms and posting in same theme blog comments, getting the blog submitted to 195 niche blog directories, submitting it to 100 deep link directories, etc. I think we can do a post on building the blog and one on promoting the blog. We will offer a package for each.
8. Let’s discuss ping and find out the best way to set that up and then we can blog on that also.
9. I want to get a page on the site will all different kinds of banners and code so people can advertise my site if they like. So hire some one to do up all the banners.
10. I would like to contact 100 to 500 Christian blogs and ask them to put me on their blog roll. I am not sure what we should offer in exchange.
11. Let’s see what other kind of ideas we can come up with and see how high we can get the traffic in one month.
12. What is the story of feedburner? How is that going and how do we get people to sign up and has that been set up.
13. Do research and see what else I need on this site.
14. Contact form doesn’t have a very good design.
15. The photos page is static and not updating as I add more photos to my Flickr account.

The blog had 145 unique visits for the last week of July and 99 unique visitors for the first half of August. I haven’t set any goals yet but I am looking at a combination of online and offline marketing.

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