Nov 25

I do not know if I am loosing my mind or not. Anyways, I had another problem with my install of WordPress (that’s the blogging software I use) corrupting Greek fonts. When I saved a post, it would convert all the Greek to question marks, and this is the reason I thought I needed to use Unicode.

So I Googled up “Greek converted to question marks” and found the solution on this Special characters converted to question marks on save post.

So, after I fixed my question mark problem, I tried adding Greek to a post and then checked to see if Firefox would display them – and it did! So it looks like there is no problem with Firefox 3.x, and the problem was with my install of WordPress. All I did was edit out 2 lines in the wp-config.php file in the blog root.

Oh, yes! I posted on the Firefox Support Forum and let them know I had fixed the problem with Firefox? Weird! Am I confused?

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