Jul 11

Bible Study GroupIn my post on How I Got Victory Over Committing Willful Sins one of the points I brought out was the important of finding a congregation or a Bible study group of Sin Free Christians.

If you can’t find a congregation or a Bible study group of Sin Free Christians then I suggest you start one.

Below is point #3 from that article and some more thoughts on this subject.

3. Find a group of sin free Christians — If you want victory over sinning don’t associate with professing Christians that don’t have victory over sinning. They will only justify you in your sin and they will not be able to help you get the victory at all. Find a group of victorious Christians that are sin-free, sold-out, on-fire, zealous, and loving God, saints, and sinners with all their hearts. Spend time with them, visit with them on the phone, get together with them for fellowship, and go to the Bible study or congregation that they attend.

For me this mean moving from Chilliwack, British Columbia to Aylmer, Ontario so I could attend a congregation of the Church of God Restoration (COGR) group. This group was the only group I know of in Canada that taught the free-from-sin teaching and the people were living it.

After being there for three years I was made a visitor for disagreeing with the groups anti-medical teaching. About a year and a half later I was banned because I wouldn’t accept that they were the one true visible church and all other church groups were of the devil. Overall my experience with the Restoration was very positive and there are many good examples of victorious Christians in the Restoration group.

After I was put out of the COGR I started attending a Charity congregation in Vienna, Ontario as a visitor. That was a year ago and I am still currently attending there. I also attend a Friday evening Bible study group of 20 to 30 believers where the majority of the people have embraced the free-from-sin teaching and profess to be living free from committing willful sins.

It is very important to associate yourself with a congregation or Bible study group of strong believers that sin-free, sold-out, on-fire, zealous, and loving God, saints, and sinners with all their hearts. Even if you feel like you are a strong believer you need fellowship with other believers that are living in victory. You need to be exhorted daily, to be keep you accountable, and encouraged to press forward in selflessness living.

If you have embraced sin free living and you can’t find a congregation where the ministry is teaching and producing holy living in the lives of the congregation, you need to move where there is a congregation like this. If you can’t move then you need to find like minded Christians in your area that have victory over sinning and start a Bible study group.

If you are in the Aylmer/Tillsonburg area here in Ontario, or even in the London to Woodstock area, I invite you to drop by for a study night and give us a visit. The Bible study starts at 7pm Friday night and the location is rotated from home to home in the Copenhagen area. You can find the location and map of the next Bible study in the top article of the Bible Study Group category on this site.

The emphasis of our Bible study is practical Christian living and typically we stay away from discussions on dogma. We are all seeking truth in the inward parts and desire the fellowship of other like minded Christians. We have rejected the idea of forming another church group and hold that it is best to stay in the congregation you currently at and be a light there.

We start the study with prayer and sing quite of few hymns before we go into the Bible passage we are studying. During the study there is space for testimonies, exhortations, and we close with most people sharing there spiritual needs and good season of prayer.

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