Feb 02

Hammer And AnvilThis month I am going to focus on reading the scriptures more. The plan is to read through Psalms, Proverbs, and the New Testament in this month. This will work out to 5 chapters in Psalms, 1 chapter in Proverbs, and 6 chapters in the New Testament each day.

My goal is not to read just for the sake of reading but to read to get to know God better and in doing this I will in a greater way love God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength and my neighbor as myself. My desire is that God will reveal himself to me through the scriptures. This will not be reaching out to the book or to the letter only but reaching out to God for renewal through the Word and the Spirit which is the Christians rod and staff.

I am looking to God to exhort me, instruction me, correct me, and reprove me. I am desiring that God will make his Word more alive and real to me that it has ever been before in my life.

It is also my aim to couple my reading with prayer and to stop and take time to consider the scriptures that the Spirit highlights to me and pray over them for understanding and instilment.

This will mean less time on the internet reading news and gadget blogs. Less time paying Chess and following chess news. Less time doing things that won’t count in eternity.

Also with my desire to be in the word of God more is my desire is to retire and get up earlier and to better manage my time.

This year my plan is to work on some area in my Christian life each month and to see a clear increase in my soul in that area. I desire this year to be the most fruitful year of my Christian walk and that my the end of this year to be more Christ like in thought, word, and deed.

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