Nov 19

Victor Wiebe WorkingBob Mutch WorkingFor Thursday morning devotions Victor and I discussed the experiencing the presence of God. Here are some of our thoughts.

–”Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it.” 139:5-6

David experienced the presence of the Lord and found that this was “too wonderful for me”.

To keep the freshness and beauty of our first faith we must keep our first love (Rev 2:4) burning hot and not allow it to wax cold because of abounding iniquity (Mat 25:12). We much watch and pray that we don’t enter into temptation and continue to war a good warfare by holding faith and a good conscience (1Tim 1:18).

Oh how blessed it is to keep a right standing before the Lord and our hearts pure toward him. It is then that we “shall see God” (Mat 5:8) and experience his presense in a way that is “too wonderful”.

While we should never seek emotions, it is a spiritual blessing to feel the presense of the Lord to the degree that it is too wonderful. When is the last time you have experienced the presense of the Lord in such a way that it was too wonderful for you?

Shall we not ask the Lord to manafest himself to us. Should we not beseech the Lord to “shew me they glory” (Ex 33:18). Let us call out to the Lord and purge us with holy fire “taken with the tongs from off the altar” (Isa 6:6). Let us “hunger and thirst after righteousness” for then the Lord will pour out his Spirit upon us and we “shall be filled” (Mat 5:6) with his presence.

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