Aug 24

Embracing trials with open arms,
They waft us up above.
They are the chariots sent from God,
To purify our love.

They come from friends and family,
Those that hurt the most.
They cause us to walk alone,
To ride with angel host.

Embrace your lot in this life,
Twill all soon be past.
Do those things that please the Lord,
Not heeding trials blast.

Plunge your soul with holy bliss,
And glory in the storm.
Your spirit free from your flesh,
Trials no longer mourn.

Tis the way to selfless life,
Set free while here at last.
Driven to the Word on knees,
Our faith increases fast.

This faith that causes us to stand,
To quench each fiery dart.
The victory o’er the world gives,
To those of pure in heart.

Oh Saviour dear, the victory is,
So very bitter sweet.
Free from attitudes of sin,
Your holy flesh we eat.

Seeking from this vile flesh,
From sinful world we hurl.
Released to your bosom sweet,
In dream our mind does swirl.

Oh what on that very day,
The bliss we all will share.
When trials pass our way no more,
From earth away we tear.

Oh courage you do gracious give,
The fight to onward press.
Time is short the work is much,
Souls we need to bless.

With vineyard work we to do,
Your grace we do implore.
The kingdom message we sound aloud,
Til time shall be no more.

–Bob Mutch

I wrote this poem four months ago on April 14, 2008 and posted it on the COGCM Forum where I post as user “Qwerty”.

Most verses were written as tears rolled down my face, as this poem was born from – what was at the time – a very hurting heart. Even now I weep as I write this blog post, remembering what I was going through at the time. It was very hard for me to watch as it seemed all my Christian friends whom I loved so dearly were slipping away.

The tears were a mixture of joy and sorrow from a heart that was fully resigned to the will of God. A heart that was – by grace – free from all sinful attitudes and self pity . A heart that was joyful and full of glory, happy and praising – yet was crying with sorrow.

It is normal to think that the trials you are going through are big, but even when I was in the middle of this trial I realized it was but a small trial allowed by the Lord to increase my patience and endurance, and I gladly embraced it.

While it hurt to be set aside, falsely accused, threatened to be put out of a fellowship of people you love, and banished to hell – it was nothing compared to what I knew Jesus went through for me, and it was a trial I was more than willing to go through for my Lord. I hope you enjoy the poem!

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