Aug 28

Update 08-28-08: I have been emailing back and forth with Ira Wagler and he has granted permission for me to publish his two blog posts in booklet form. The conditions were that I don’t charge for them, that I don’t do any unapproved editing to the content, and I leave his disclaimer that is in the second article.

I printed out 20 copies and sent them to Ira yesterday by mail. I dropped over another 10 to Alvin Yancy yesterday and I will be dropping by the Aylmer Amish Printing shop to see if they want 100 or so for their members.

If anyone else wants me to send them some copies just drop an email to bobmutch@gmail dot com or call me at 519-666-6666, shipping is free.

In the meantime, I am collecting a number of books and papers written by Elmo and I will probably be posting them in my Resources page. I am currently reading Give Me This Mountain -selections from Views & Values- and enjoying it quite a bit.

Original Post 08-25-08:
Elmo Stoll (1944 – 1998) was ordained an Amish minister in April 14, 1971 and became a Bishop of the second newly formed district in the Aylmer Amish community in 1984. In 1990, Elmo left the Aylmer Amish community and started The Christian Community in Cookeville, Tennessee.

While with the Aylmer Amish community, Elmo became the editor of Family Life (which had a national readership) and he was the leading Bishop of the community and was known in every Amish community in North America.

Ira Wagler just posted part two The Shepherd at Noon: Empire & Exodus, of a three part series he is writing on the life of Elmo Stoll this past Friday on his blog Part one The Shepherd at Dawn: The Early Years was published June the 6th of this year. Looks like Ira will be publishing the 3rd and final chapter on Elmo’s life sometime in the next year. He has posted the following at the end of Part two.

“The third, AND FINAL, installment on the Elmo Stoll saga, The Shepherd at Dusk; His Vision and Legacy,” will be written and posted when and as the muse strikes me. Not before. Could be next week (NOT), next month, or next year. Don’t look for it until you see it posted.”

Ira Wagler was raised in the Aylmer Amish community but has since left the Amish movement and his version of Elmo’s life is not considered to be very fair by some that hold Elmo in high esteem.

I have asked for Ira’s permission to publish his two articles and make them available to those in the Amish community, but I haven’t got a response yet. I don’t except him to have a problem with me doing that, so I went ahead.

Ira Wagler hit some very tough times with a hurtful divorce in November of 2007, so please remember him in prayer – that the Lord would bless and help him in his grief and to bless him in his soul.

I took Ira’s two articles on the life of Elmo Stoll and put them into a 16 page 5.5 x 8.5 booklet and printed a number of them to give to my Amish friends and to those that I know that were part of the Christian Community.

If you would like a copy or a number of copies, just post a comment or send me a request to POB 263, Aylmer Ontario N5H 2R9 and I will send them out to you no charge. Or if you like, you can download the PDF of the The Life of Elmo Stoll booklet as it can be printed out quite easily.

I have an interest in Elmo’s life and writings because I live in the Aylmer area and know a number of people in the Aylmer Amish community and also some of the those that were part of the Christian Community he started in Cookeville, Tennessee. I may create a list of Elmo’s writings and may even make a number of them available on this blog’s resource page.

Elmo’s Writings:
Article on Christian community life by Elmo Stoll.

The Amish in Their Own Words: Amish Writings from 25 Years of Family Life Magazine contains some of Elmo Stoll’s writings who was editor of this publication.

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4 Responses to “Elmo Stoll”

  1. 1. Jason Says:

    Can you please update the third installment of Elmo Stoll on your website in PDF format?

  2. 2. Emily Says:

    Hello, I am a phd student writing about Mennonites but just happened to stumble across something quite amazing by Elmo Stoll and thought I would recommend it if you haven’t already seen it. It is a little booklet called Strangers and Pilgrims and it reviews Stoll’s perspective on Amish simplicity. Amazing stuff.

  3. 3. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Emily,

    Yes I have heard of Elmo’s book Strangers and Pilgrims: Why We Live Simply but have not read it. Did you find a copy of the text on the Internet anywhere?

    You may also be interested in The Amish in Their Own Words: Amish Writings from 25 Years of Family Life Magazine which I have listed in the article you are commented on. Amish News has posted 7 chapters of The Amish in Their Own Words which you may want to take a look at.



  4. 4. Lynn Says:

    I lived next door to Elmo for a while and miss the sound of his typewriter. I’m interested in what folks are writing about him. But then, folks have always had strong opinions of him, one way or another. He is one of the most intelligent men I’ve ever known.

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