Jan 08

Family PrayerAny elder and deacon who is not in the practice of having proper personal devotions first thing in the morning is lazy and disqualifies themselves from the ministry. Each elder and deacon MUST start their morning off with good personal devotions. Then with the flame of God burning in their heart call their wife and children together for family altar and have prayer and reading of the word.

If elders and deacons don’t have enough discipline to do this how can they rule the church of God? If elders and deacons can’t have a proper burden for their own souls and for the souls of their wife and children how will they every be able to carry a burden for the congregation over which they have been given the oversight.

It is importing for the wives of the elders and deacons to also have a proper devotional life. This means prayer and reading of the word first thing in the morning. The children should wake up to the prayers of mother and see that mother deems prayer and the word of great importance.

The wives of the ministers need to realize that they and their children are a special target of the devil. Satan is looking for a way to ruin each elders and deacons ministry by leading the wife and children astray.

At super time it is good to have time of reading of the Bible before eating and the conversation of the table should be spiritual. Supper time is a good time for the husband to ask the children how they are doing in their soul and questions about what they have read for that day in their personal devotions.

The elder and deacon children need to start having their own personal devotions even before they can read. The children should have tape players and a Bible tape so they can listen to a chapter of the Bible for their morning devotions.

The elder and deacon father should know what chapter the children are reading and at supper time be ready to ask them questions to see if they are remembering what they have read.

While this is a standard for all Christians homes it is a MUST for the home of elders and deacons.

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One Response to “Elders And Deacons Are Your Homes In Order”

  1. 1. Stephen D Says:

    Speaking of elders and deacons, - I know this is off topic a little - I’m divorced and have decided to stay single. I think one of my gifts of the Spirit is teaching. I know I can’t be a pastor, elder, deacon, but does anyone know if teaching like a bible-study, sunday school, etc would be permissible? I know my church wouldn’t care either way, (they’re a little less strict than myself) but I feel I’ve been called to my church and I’m trying to see what God thinks. So, I ask this gang, because I know I will get some interesting info. :)

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