May 09

e-SwordA new version of e-Sword is out. Currently you can’t download the new version at the e-Sword site because the traffic volume has caused problems.

Here is the notice on their download page.

Due to the extreme amount of traffic volume for downloading e-Sword version 9, I have to discontinue the main download for a few days while the colo pulls in another 4 GB of fiber to accommodate this load. Unfortunately, the local hospitals were being brought down by e-Sword using all of the available bandwidth! If you have already installed version 9, then no worries as the updated Bibles and other add-on modules are still available for you to download. If you have not updated to version 9, then please do not bother downloading any add-on modules as they will not install for older versions anyway. Thank you for your patience, and keep checking back.

You can download the 28MB version software from and

You can read a review by Bible Sofware Review for more information.

Keep in mind this is a completely new version that has a different database format for the different resources. This means you will have to reinstall all the add-ons you have.

I installed it before realizing this and even when I tried to reinstall version 8 it didn’t take.

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