Dec 30

e-Sworde-Sword has been updated to version 8.0.x as of Dec 29th, so I upgraded; and while I was at it, I added a couple of modules to my install.

I added the following modules:

Textus Receptus Greek New Testament w/ Strong’s — is a nice addition as it will let you quickly view the Greek words parsed. For me, it is a quick way to check if a Greek verb is present tense or present participle which indicates whether the action is one-off or on-going.

Here is an example from 1Joh 1:7, where you can view the parse for the Greek word translated “cleanseth” and see if it is punctiliar or continuous action (present tense is punctiliar or an one-off action while present participle is on-going action).

King James Version and Greek New Testament

Robertson’s Word Pictures in the New Testament — Robertson’s Word Pictures has a good reputation as one of the best New Testament word study sets. He provides verse-by-verse commentary and stresses nuances found in the Greek that cannot be shown in a word for word translation.

Robertsons Word Pictures in the New Testament

Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary — Vine’s New Testament dictionary is $14.99USD. There is a tab for both New Testament and Old Testament entries. You can click on any word in any of the Bible versions, and the Vines entry for that word will be displayed in the right pane when you are on the Vine tag.

Vines Complete Expository Dictionary

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One Response to “e-Sword Update”

  1. 1. GODLIEB AMEHO Says:

    This is a very useful tool for the spread of the gospel. Thanks so much for it and may God bless you.

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