Sep 11

I have to say I am really enjoying my e-Sword Bible Program. Today I spent about four hours studying the topic of the promise of the Father (Baptism of the Holy Spirit) and sanctification and I am just thoroughly impressed with how much easier it is to study the Bible using this program than using my books. While I have been using computers since the Apple II (about 20 years), I only started using e-Sword in a serious way in the last year.

Not only is this program one of the best Bible Programs out there, but it is also free. I do suggest you make donation if you like the program. Here is a list of the programs features.

If you are not used to using Bible software, you may want to go though the 9 e-Sword Training screen casts. There is also a 105 page PDF e-Sword Tutorial by Barrie Gordon and Johan Struwig that seems pretty in depth. Also there is a good review on e-Sword Update & Serious Language Tools by J.D. Watson that you may want to take a look at if you are interest in studying the Bible in Greek or Hebrew.

e-Sword has a huge list of Bible Translations. There are 10 English versions that cost between $5 and $30, 25 free versions, 7 Greek versions, 3 Hebrew versions, the Latin Vulgate, and 45 foreign language translations.

There are a number of Bible translations you may want to purchase through eStudySource that I would recommend. You can pay by PayPal or by credit card and download the versions and install them right away.

$4.99 The Revised Standard Version – e-Sword PC Format
$9.99 New Revised Standard Version – e-Sword PC Version
$14.99 New King James Version – e-Sword Version
$29.99 NIV Family Bundle: NIV, TNIV, and NIrV – e-Sword PC Version

Also you should consider the Amplified Bible and the New American Standard Bible from American Bible Sales. You can pay by credit card and download the versions and install them right away.

$20.00 e-Sword Amplified Bible (for Windows)
$20.00 e-Sword New American Standard Bible Study Set (for Windows)

I have purchased all the above Bible Translations and have them installed on the copy of e-Sword I am using.

Here are some of the Commentaries that are available for e-Sword:

Albert Barnes’ Notes on the Bible
Adam Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible
John Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible
Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible
Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary
Keil & Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament
Robertson’s Word Pictures in the New Testament
Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge
Vincent’s Word Studies

Here are some of the Dictionaries that are available for e-Sword:

Brown-Driver-Briggs’ Hebrew Definitions
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Fausset’s Bible Dictionary
Hitchcock’s Bible Names
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
King James Concordance
Nave’s Topical Bible
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Strong’s Bible Dictionary
Thayer’s Greek Definitions
R. A. Torrey’s New Topical Textbook
Noah Webster’s Dictionary of American English

Here are some of the books that you can view thought the e-Sword program:

Absolute Surrender (Andrew Murray)
Ante-Nicene Fathers
Antiquities of the Jews (Flavius Josephus)
Creeds of Christendom (Philip Schaff)
Fox’s Book of Martyrs (John Fox)
History of The Christian Church (Philip Schaff)
Institutes of the Christian Religion (John Calvin)
Sketches of Jewish Social Life (Alfred Edersheim)
St. Paul the Traveler (William M. Ramsay)
Systematic Theology (Charles G. Finney)
The Complete Writings of E. M. Bounds on Prayer
The Deeper Christian Life (Andrew Murray)
The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah (Alfred Edersheim)
The Pursuit of God (A. W. Tozer)
The Temple – Its Ministry and Service (Alfred Edersheim)
The Training of the Twelve (A. B. Bruce)
Tortured for Christ (Richard Wurmbrand)
Wars of the Jews (Flavius Josephus)

Here is a screen capture of the left half of the program screen.

Here is a screen capture of the right half of the program screen.

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One Response to “e-Sword Bible Program”

  1. 1. David Cox Says:

    You should check into the free Bible program theword, found at It is much better than e-Sword, more powerful, easier to use, more features and more advanced features (graphics in modules, search across all non-Bible modules, search all or subset of all Bible versions installed, hyper jumps within a module and between modules, and the list goes on). It is a much better program.

    I personally made a large number of the non-Bible e-Sword modules out there and I am transfering all of them to theWord format, and making and posting on around 250 modules on my site each month, the majority of them new modules.

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