Feb 15

Dukes-BBQbJake Loewen and I when to Dukes BBQ Aylmer and split a full slab of Ribs, fresh cut French Fries, and a Caesas Salad for $19.19 before tip.

Sevice was smart and fast. I suggest you drop by and check out the rib deal.

David Young runs the show at Dukes BBQ and he loves to talk if he is not two busy. Ask him about this Lab dogs : )

Dukes BBQ does 60% off their business in takeout/pickup. The hours of operation at Dukes BBQ are Mon – Sun 11:30a 9:00p.


Here are some pictures.

Dukes BBQ Outside:
Dukes BBQ Outside

Dukes BBQ Inside:
Dukes BBQ Inside

Dukes BBQ 1/2 Order Slab Of Ribs:
Dukes BBQ Slab Of Ribs

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