Divorce and Remarriage Post Articles:
Review of Considerations On Divorce A Vinculo Matrimonii 1857 — This review of Edward Badeley’s “Considerations On Divorce A Vinculo Matrimonii” is to give you a short form of the main points this Barrister raises in his booklet.
Except For Fornication Clause of Matthew 19:9 — A review of Leslie McFall paper Biblical Teaching on Divorce and Remarriage that discusses the addition Desiderius Erasmus added to his Greek-Latin New Testament (1516 1st ed) that changed the way Matthew 19:9 has been translated.
Divorce & Remarriage Excuses — A short article that shows all the divorce and remarriage scriptures in the New Testament and a list of the most common excuses used to justify remarriage after divorcing a lawful1 spouse.

Divorce and Remarriage Page Articles
Codex Leicester Manuscript 69 — Information on Manuscript 69 from Robert Waltz’s Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism and Les McFall’s PDF on Codex Leicester. Includes photo of sample scribe writing and marginal correction for Matthew 19:9.
An Explanation For McFall’s Literal Translation Of Matthew 19:9 — This is McFall’s explanation for his literal translation of Matthew 19:9. This is a copy of appendix B from his paper “The Biblical Teaching On Divorce and Remarriage”. I put this in HTML so I can reference this part of his paper when I quote his translation of this verse.

Divorce and Remarriage Articles in PDF
Considerations on Divorce A Vinculo Matrimonii In Connexion with Holy Scripture — 66 page booklet by Edward Badeley a Barrister in London, England who did this study to find out whether divorce for the reason of adultery was or was not prohibited by New Testament scriptures. (1857).
Divorce and Remarriage: Another Look at the Matthean Exception Clauses — 33 page article by Andrew S. Kulikovsky which reviews the so-called exception clauses of Mat 5:32 and Mat 19:9. Kulikovsky argues that the so-call exception clause in Mat 19:9 is a parenthetical clause and that it is an editorial addition which functions as an explicit prohibition against divorce for sexual sin not an exception clause that allows re-marriage in case of marriage unfaithfulness. (Dec 12 2005).
The Biblical Teaching On Divorce and Remarriage — 42 page article by Leslie McFall that deals with the influence of the Greek word ει being added to Matthew 19:19 by Desiderius Erasmus’ New Testament Greek manuscript in 1516. (Oct 15 2008).

Divorce and Remarriage Articles by Church of God Gospel Trumpet (est. 1880)
Must They Separate? — Letter from the ministers assembled in General Camp Meeting at Moundsville, W. VA June 1901 concerning the issue of divorce and remarriage that was published in the Gospel Trumpet (est. 1880).

I don’t agree with the view held in this letter but I have posted it here for historical purposes to show that in 1901 the Church of God Gospel Trumpet group were already making allowances for divorce and remarriage by 1901. This is to counter the position held by the Church of God Guthrie, Oklahoma (est 1910) and the Church of God Restoration (est. 1980) that the Church of God Gospel Trumpet compromised in 1910 over the tie issue.

In my view the compromise happened much sooner over the divorce and remarriage issue. Marrying people into adulterous relationships and allowing them to stay in adulterous relationships is a much more serious issue that putting a tie on.

Marriage and Divorce — Booklet by D.S. Warner that taught there is no Bible command to separate two people who are married when one had a living spouse from a previous lawful1 marriage if they got into the second marriage not knowing the Bible taught against second marriages when you had a living spouse from a previous lawful1 marriage.

I don’t agree with the view held in this booklet but I have posted it here for historical purposes to show that D.S. Warner and the Church of God Gospel Trumpet group allowed couples to say in adulterous marriages that the Church of God Restoration would consider adultery not allow them to stay in.

My point for noting this is to show that the Church of God Gospel Trumpet was an adultery group (a church group that allows members in good standing to stay in adulterous marriages) from its beginning of 1880. This raises serious questions about the Church of God Restoration and their claim to be the one true visible church and their attempts to date the restoring of God’s church back to 1880 through the work of D.S. Warner.

1 The use of lawful is in respect to the new covenant law (the law of liberty, the royal law) and is not referring to the law of Moses or the current marriage laws of any nation.

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