Feb 14

Small PortionI have found a great tip that I have been practicing and is working great. When there is a food that you like but it has a high weight to calorie ratio, just eat a very small portion.

For example I like Welche grape juice. One cup of Welche is 180 calories. So what do I do, I just take about 1/10th of a cup and drink that. There is really not much difference between 1/10th of a cup and 1 full cup when it comes to the taste it give you.

Then if you still have to drink something drink water which is 0c per cup.

I just got a pumpkin pie and I cut it into small pieces. When I got home tonight I wanted some pumpkin pie. So I just off a small piece off one of the small pieces and ate that. Then I saw the cottage cheese so I have one small spoonful of that.

You don’t have to have a 1/2 a pumpkin pie to enjoy it. You don’t need to drink a cup of Welche Grape juice to enjoy it. You don’t need 250 grams of cottage cheese to enjoy it. For these kind of treats you can just have a few grams and it gives you just about the same taste. Then go and fill up on some thing that has a low weight to calorie ratio.

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