Sep 04

I found the Dell Mini 10v 1GB very slow in just the simplist things. Things were so slow I had to run my browser Gmail on simple HTML, the WordPress flash uploader I changed to browser uploader, and setting up the external video as its own sceen vs a copy of the laptop sceen was just to slow.

So I picked up a 2GB SODIMM and pulled out the mobo of the laptop and installed the memory. I had to remove the keyboard, harddrive, the touchpad and palm rest, the keyboard support frame, and then the motherboard.

Here is what it looks like all apart — and yes it worked when I put it all back together and there were no leftover pieces.

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11 Responses to “Dell Mini 10v Upgraded To 2GB”

  1. 1. Howard Garnett Says:

    Would you be interested in upgrading another one??

  2. 2. Howard Garnett Says:

    I don’t think I am competent enough to do it!

  3. 3. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Howard,

    Sure where are you at? I am in Aylmer, Ontario 45 minutes from London.

  4. 4. Howard Garnett Says:

    I am in Decatur,ALABAMA,U.S.A..
    An AWFUL long way from you and haven’t even received my computer yet,BUT
    if it is slow,I’m sure gonna need it! When I bought it, I guess I didn’t do
    my research enough!

    How much do you reckon it would cost me?
    You can e-mail me back @


  5. 5. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Howard,

    Order a 2GB DRR2 800MHz PC-6400 SODIMM from some where like TigerDirect: Memmory for $29.95. Find some Geek at your local compuer club that will pop it in for you for $20.

    Here is a good How to upgrade Dell Mini 10v memory - Part 1 (disassemble) and How to upgrade Dell Mini 10v memory - Part 2 (reassemble) video by James for them to follow.

    Of you can use the three part video by anguish.
    1. Dell Mini 10v 2 GB RAM Upgade - Part 1 of 3
    2. Dell Mini 10v 2 GB RAM Upgade - Part 2 of 3
    3. Dell Mini 10v 2 GB RAM Upgade - Part 3 of 3

    anguish’s video is a bit more detailed, a bit longer, and better for newbies.

  6. 6. Howard Garnett Says:

    I would MUCH rather have it done by someone who has done it before,like YOURSELF.Keeping this in mind,how much would it cost?
    I want to pay you for your time.I sure don’t expect you to do it free.
    Thanks for even considering it!
    Best Regards,

  7. 7. bobmutch Says:

    Hi Howard,

    I am in Canada so we have the across the border issue. This is not a hard task to do so all you need to do is get some one that is a laptop repair person to do it and provide them with the videos that I posted above.

    I Googled up decatur alabama laptop repair and contacted a few of the companies that came in local business results.

    -Avanti Computers (256)355-9273 has a minimum bench fee of $45 and the bench tech I talked to said he could do it with in the minimum fee.
    -Alton Consulting is $50 has a bench fee of $50 an hour and Jimmy though he could do it in 1 hour.

    You can call the few of the other companies if you like and but I think you are going to have to pay around $50 if you want a real company to do it for you where you would have recource if there were any problems.

  8. 8. Howard Garnett Says:

    Thanks for doing my job!
    You are right about the customs issue,I hadn’t EVEN thought about
    that part.

    Many thanks for everything,and e-mail me anytime I can help with anything
    stateside.I mean it!

    Your friend in Alabama.
    P.S. Everybody down here is not as computer challenged as I am!

    Howard Garnett

  9. 9. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Howard,

    Ok thanks for the stateside offer for help.

    Christian love and prayers,


  10. 10. Tony Says:

    Hello Howard and BOB… I now see you’ve had your Mini 10v upgraded to 2gb for quite some time, I want to know how big of a difference it really made. I need the casual Internet and bill payer for my wife and was hoping this would do the trick. Was the leap to 2gb a big enough improvement? Thank you for your advice…

  11. 11. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Tony,

    I think you will be find without the 2GB. I run lots of programs plus I want to put Mac OS X on my 10v also so I when for the 2GB.



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