Oct 31

Greetings in the name of the Lord!

In October, this blog had over 1200 unique visitors. Those visitors visited over 2600 times and read over 26,000 pages in the same month. So, I had it on my heart to write you a small thank you note for taking the time to read what I have written, and I hope you have been able to find a few things here that has helped you in your Christian walk.

Let me share a bit with you where I am at spiritually.

I am a child of God trying – with God’s grace – to live a life that is pleasing to him. I am human like everyone else, and have my faults, lacks, and areas that I need to grow in. The main driving force in my life is to please Jesus – who has delivered me from a life of drug abuse, immorality, anger, and selfishness.

My heart each day is full of thankfulness. My joy is full. I have a deep desire to help other Christians find the joy of victory over all sin, the flesh, and the self life. I love to witness to the unsaved and share of the joys of living for God. I point them to Christ – the one who will not fail them.

I believe and have experienced salvation from committing all sin – by grace alone though faith alone – and have also experienced – after being saved from my committed sins – the baptism of Holy Spirit by faith, which has purified my heart from the carnal nature.

Through his Spirit, God awakened me to my need of salvation, convicted me of my sins, and warned me of the coming judgment. As I responded to this awakening, God worked in me godly sorrow for the way I was living, and that sorrow brought me to the place of repentance, confession, and deliverance.

After I was saved by grace from committing sin, I found there was something in me that I had to suppress. When things didn’t go the way I wanted them to go, there was this frustration and anger that tried to rise up inside me. It was a tension I could feel physically. It brought out attitudes and battles that I didn’t like at all.

From the reading of different holiness writers like John Wesley and J.A. Wood, I accepted the position that this was the carnal nature – what God would purge in the work of entire sanctification. Seven months after I was saved, I prayed at an old-fashioned prayer bench that God would purge out this carnal nature and fill me with his Spirit. I accepted this by faith, based on the scriptures.

What happened in the following days was so shocking, I would hardly believe it. That frustration and anger that I had to suppress when things didn’t go my way was gone. It was completely gone. To me, this was a miracle. It was gone and has never come back. That was over four years ago.

While life has been pretty easy, it has not been without trials and disappointments. But through it all, I have – by God’s grace – been more than a conqueror!

So dear reader, may I ask you how it is with you and the Lord? Have you given into the drawing of the Spirit with godly sorrow and repentance and found salvation from your past sinful life? Have you recieved empowerment by the Spirit of God to live soberly, godly, and righteously in this present world?

Do you love to pray and read your Bible? Do you have an up-to-date experience where your faith has been increased by prayer and reading of the Word? As a result, is your testimony that you have victory over the world (sin, self, and flesh)? Do you feel the Holy Spirit drawing you into a deeper and more fruitful walk with Christ?

I would love to hear from the readers of this blog. Feel free to share by way of email, or comments, your testimony of how you were saved and how the Lord is working in your life.

Again, thank you for taking time to visit this site and read the articles I post. If you have suggestions of subjects that you would like to see addressed, or questions you would like answered, feel free to send me an email by the contact page.

Christian love and prayers,

Bob Mutch

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