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Jan 21

Free Dieting And Weight Loss Guide has a good daily calorie intake calculator tool that you may want to take a look at.

Below is a screen capture of the tools output showing my calorie maintenance (2256c), suggested calories for weight loss (1805c), and suggested calories for extreme fat loss. Also the screen shot shows a suggested 7 day calorie cycling to prevent weight loss plateau.

Daily Calorie Intake Calculator
Daily Calorie Intake Calculator

2 Responses to “Daily Calorie Intake Calculator”

  1. 1. anon Says:

    How is this MORE CHRIST LIKE?

  2. 2. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Anon; Read the about page for this blog and you will see that his is a personal blog and that I do personal blog posts.

    Take a look at the Personal Home Stuff (23 posts) and the Blogging Computers Internet (44 posts) categories and you will see I have quite a bit of person posts on this blog that are not directly related to becoming more Christ like.

    As far as the daily calorie intake calculator post and how is it more Christ like? I am working on loosing weight and being more temperate in my eating and the process I am using for this is portion control.

    Some times we don’t realize how much food we are consuming. The above calculator tells you how many calories you require to maintain your weight and how many you should be consuming if you want to loose weight.

    So to that degree I think this post is related to being coming more Christ like. Thanks for your question!

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