Mar 06

I dropped into Costco to check prices on a few things and found these good deals.

Yogurt Bars Box of 18 $9.95
The package of 18 Yogurt bars have 6 strawberry bars. Seems strawberry bars are hard to find and certianly bars for $0.55 are not something you would find at your local corner store. I wasn’t on my way home so I didn’t pick them up.
Each bar has 120 calories.

Yogourt Bars

Fruit Salad 2.75kg $12.99
The 2.75kg frozen fruit for making shakes is $1.00 more than No Frills Frozen Fruit Deal but when I am through with the No Frills bag I am planning to get one of these.
80 calories per 180g (1 cup).

Frozen Fruit

Cashews 1.15kg $17.99
The Cashews are $1.56 per 100g where as the 500g package of Cashews at No Frills is $4.94 or $1.01 per 100g which is a savings of 35%.
560 Calories in 100g of Cashews.


Strawberries 3kg $11.69
Now here is a deal on frozen strawberries. 3kg for $11.69. I bought 600g of strawberries at Price Chopper last week for $5.54 and I though I was getting a good deal.
37 calories per 100g of strawberries.


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