Jun 28

Conformation Email For iPhone PurchaseHere is a sample of a conformation email I send me a gal that just purchased a phone from me.

Hi Sue — 555-555-1212,

The white iPhone 4 16GB you have agreed to purchase is under Apple warranty until Dec 9/2011. This phone is in 9.5 out of 10 cosmetic condition.

There are no scratches on the front or back glass, on the silver side, and all functions are tested and working. The only cosmetic problem is a very small chip on the side of the glass that can’t be seen but can be felt if you side your finger around the edge of the top right corner.

The phone has been upgraded to the latest iOS version (4.3.3) and all the content and settings have been erased and a fresh iOS version has been installed on the phone.

You can view the warranty information here.

This phone also carries a 24 hour return if you find hardware or software problems that we can’t fix over the phone (you can’t have dropped, got wet, or jailbroken the phone).

I am very big on customer service and will do by best to provide you an above the crowd purchase experience. I really value WOM (Word of Mouth) advertising.

This deal is for a White iPhone 4 16GB Apple Warranty Dec 9/2011 with no box or cables for $530 cash.

I will drop this off on Friday at the Business Name and call you 15 minutes before I got there at 555-555-1212.

I am setting this phone aside and if I get a higher offer for it I will not sell it out from underneath you and I expect you to fullfill your verbal commitment to purchase the product that I am holding for you.

My name is Bob Mutch.

My phone number is 519-666-6666.

My Location is 40 Alexander Dr.

Here is my eBay Seller status.

I also own a Business that has ben BBB Accredited A+ status since 02/03/2005.


Bob Mutch

PS1: I will send you $10 via your email client@gmail.com from my TD bank for any leads you send my way that purchase a phone from me. Please share you phone purchase experience with your friends and family. Give out my easy to remember 519-666-6666 phone number to everyone. Blog, twitter, and facebook your experience and post my phone number 519-666-6666 when you do that.

PS2: I will provide you with a $15 discount for any additional phones your purchase from me in the future.

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