Apr 24

Do You Remember MeToday, Jennifer shared with me the work she is doing with Compassion Canada and gave me a copy of the Compassion Today Magazine.

The US branch of Compassion Canada is Compassion International. They have lots of interesting posts on their Compassion International Blog.

Compassion International utilizes social media to forward their cause and you can find them on Facebook, MySpace, and Flicker. They also have a YouTube channel, and you can follow their tweets on Twitter.

I have been considering sponsoring a few children for some time, so it was great that Jennifer shared with me her experience in sponsoring children with Compassion Canada.

Jennifer who is a Compassion Canada Advocate has agreed to do a review of all the major child sponsor agencies and write a few paragraphs on each one, which I plan on posting here on this blog

Jennifer has sponsored children through Compassion Canada for 9 years, and even took a trip down to Brazil and Honduras to visit the children she is sponsoring.

It is going to be interesting to see where this all goes.

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