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Mar 01

The Church of God Restoration is holding revival meetings from March the 2nd to the 8th. Ernest Benion Jr. from Oklahoma City will be preaching the meetings.

I have not heard Benion preach, but any of the Restoration’s black preachers I have heard are very able ministers. I think you would enjoy the preaching and the good singing. I would go [to attend one of there special meetings] if they would let me, but I am banned.

I thought I would post this just in case anyone from the Aylmer area that visits this blog would have an interest in attending their special meetings.

If you do visit their meetings you may want to ask them some of these difficult questions that I have posted.


2 Responses to “Church of God Restoration Revival Meetings”

  1. 1. Elizabeth Says:

    In the above comments is where you said you would go back if they would let you. I asked you this on another page, (I can’t find it now), and you said show you where you said that.

  2. 2. bobmutch Says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    If you mean by “go back” that I would start attending there again and make it my home congregation — that is not what I meant to say or imply.

    I stated that “I would go if they would let me, but I am banned.” The context of this would be in attending one of their special meetings.

    Your other comment concerning this was on the Since You Left The Restoration Questionnaire post.

    I have changed the blog post so that this is clear. Thanks for pointing it out.


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