Dec 25

Here is a beautiful picture of the congregation of the Church Of God Restoration in Aylmer. I just love there outward standard and I have never seen a better form of worship than I have among the Restoration. I believe they truly worship from their hearts.

Oh how I miss them all. There is dear brother Marcus Tovstiga leading the song service behind the pulpit and to his right Matthew French who I miss very much.

Lots of good children of God attend the Aylmer congregation.

Aylmer congregation I love you all! Oh how I miss you all!

Church Of God Restoration

The wonderful thing is that that I have met many beautiful Christians since I was put out of the Restoration congregation. In fact I have met a good number of Christians that are more spiritual than the majority of the people that attend the Restoration congregation (Aylmer).

Like every congregation the Restoration congregations have people who are walking in victory and living selfless lives, people that are up and down, the unspiritual, the backsliders, and the hypocrites.

With the Restoration every one dresses the very same and they have a long list of unwritten rules which they all keep so it is not so easy to discern right away who is spiritual and who is not.

Some of the people have a high testimony but when I got to know them better, I found out that they are not living as high as they testify.

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