Nov 04

Lately I have been thinking a lot about accountability to the brethren, the discipleship of new converts, and church life. I have written a short article on Accountability to the Brethren, one on Discipleship of New Converts, and A Poem on taking heed to ourselves, to the brethren, and on carrying a burden for the lost.

I see these three things as very much interrelated. If you are not making yourselves accountable to others, you will not be working to help hold others accountable. If you have never been discipled, you will not be discipling others. And if you are not carrying a proper burden for the spiritual well-being of other brethren, you will more than likely not be carrying a proper burden for yourself – let alone the lost.

It is the responsibility of the local church to take every new convert God entrusts them with and disciple them and turn them into disciple-makers. The new converts are to be first and foremost established in the faith. This means showing them by scripture and by clear example what it means to be a sin-free, on-fire, sanctified, zealous, Christian.

The new convert needs to be shown by example what it means to love, to pray, to love the Bible above all books, and to love praising the Lord for saving their soul from the bondage of self and sin.

This is to start immediately when the love of the new convert is burning hot. They must be taught what it means to pray earnestly, how to live carefully, and how to carry a burden first for themselves and then for others.

Those that disciple new converts will produce in them what they themselves have. If they are dry in their soul, do not carry a real soul-burden, and do not know what it means to really die to self, this is what they will produce in others.

So first the call goes out for sin-free, sanctified Christians that are willing to spend and be spent for others. Those that are willing to work less and do without the luxuries of this materialistic world so that they can have time to labor for Jesus.

Can you say as Isaiah said “Here am I; send me” (Isa 6:8)?

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