Oct 04

Beautiful and lovely,
sweet and fine.
Stains not there,
all divine.

Cares in their mind,
concern for the soul.
Burdens to roll,
thoughts behind.

Breath scented,
smiles wide.
Trials unknown,
death defied.

Innocent children,
guileless talk.
Spotless life,
blameless walk.

We love them,
sorry to grow.
Take time,
get to know.

Soon gone,
memories left.
Pictures taken,
still bereft.



–Bob Mutch

This poems was written with much emotion. While I wasn’t sad or overly happy many tears rolled down my face as I penned these lines. Many different emotions filled my heart and many thoughts when through my mind.

I love children very much and often wish I could be a children again and know what I know now about Jesus. To me children truly are the epitome of purity. They are so beautiful and innocent so loving and kind. I wrote this poem as I meditated on two precious little children that I have grown to know and love and carry a burden for spiritually.

The lines in the poem can be interpreted in number of ways. They can be read as statements or questions and the closing lines can be seen as a child growing up, a child dying, or child growing up to not live for Jesus.

The poem calls parents to spend more time with their children, to take more pictures of them, to bear a greater spiritual burden for their souls, to lead them to Christ, and to protect the purity of their mind, body, and soul.

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