Jul 29

Crystal Creek Tumbling ComposterI picked up a Cheap Compost Tumbler at No Frills yesterday for $49 only. This was a huge deal.

There was only 12 of them so I would quick run down to No Frills and pick one but before they are all sold out. Regular price is marked as $129.

I googled around in Google Shopping and found the same product in the Achla Horizontal Spinning Composter band name with the lowest price of $146.30US at Amazon: Achla CMP-05 Spinning Horizontal Composter. There is no Google Shopping for Canada.

Here is a picture of the tumbling composters that are left at No Frills:
Tumbling Composter Sale

Here is the tumbling composter set up on our deck:
Tumbling Composter

Here is inside our tumbling composter:
Inside Tumbling Composter

For some time now I have considered getting a tumbling composter but price was always an issue. So when I saw these at $49 I jumped at the deal.

The idea behind having a compost tumbler is it will cut down on your garbage by up to 30%, you can use the composted material as a source of free fertilizer and soil conditioner for your garden or flowerbeds, and you will reduce contamination of our waterways and drinking water by not using chemical fertilizers. This is called being green.

Susan and I have been moving toward being more green for some time now. We stopped using chemical cleaners in our home, I bought a cordless electric lawnmower, and I am considering buying a hybrid electric car for my next vehicle.

You can search on Google Shopping to see what tumbling composters go for and you will see how good a deal this is.

Google Shopping Tumbling Composters:
Google Shopping Tumbling Composter

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4 Responses to “Cheap Compost Tumbler”

  1. 1. dan Says:

    what’s the name of the company/store that you purchased the compost tumbler for $49.94? I’ll see if I can order one from them !!!1


  2. 2. bob Says:

    I got it at No Frills but I don’t think it is an item they carry regularly.


  3. 3. dan Says:

    Hi Bob:

    Thank you for your immediate response.
    I brought a compost tumbler here in Los Angeles at Home Depot for well over $100. The product was a disaster as I had to return it twice. Finally gave up.
    I’ve been composting for nearly 20 years. I’m now trying to find an easier method…rather than the old-fashion method of manually mixing it.

    Where is ‘No Frills’ located? What city/state??


  4. 4. bob Says:

    Hi Dan,

    No Frills is in Ontario, Canada.


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