Jan 19

FacebookBack in June Facebook’s blog announced Facebook Names.

Facebook Usernames now gives you the ability to change your Username which changes your URL. This is optional but I think it is a good idea — let me explain why.

In the following 5 steps below I changed John Banman’s URL from http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Anna-Banman/1369935784, which would be difficult to remember, to http://www.facebook.com/johnannabanman which is very easy to remember.

Now his URL is “facebook dot com forward slash johnannabanman” with no spaces.

While finding John’s page by searching John Anna Banman on Facebook is very easy as there is only one results. But for example if you go and search for Bob Mutch on Facebook you will get 35 results.

Now I happen to be on the top and I am also very easy to pick up due to I have a beard and hat. But if I was normal looking and not at the top you might mix me up for some one else.

So now when I tell people to look me up on Facebook I just tell them go to “facebook dot com forward slash bobmutch”.

So lets go through the steps it takes to change your Username and URL.

1. Go to the Facebook Username page.

Facebook Username

2. Click “More” so you can see the “Enter desired username” field.

Facebook Username More

3. Add the username that you want in the “Enter desired username”.

Facebook Username Enter Desired Username

4. Click the “Check Availability” button.

5. Click “Confirm” on the Username available popup box.

Facebook Username Confirm

The new URL is now set.

Facebook Username Set

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