Sep 08

I am recommending Spam Arrest’s challenge-response email spam filtering solution. It is $49.95 a year.

This is a great solution for those that don’t want email spam to even show up into their email inbox. I am recommending this solution to all my Christians friends.

Listen to this short screen cast on Spam Arrest to find out how it works.

Here is an animated demo showing how Spam Arrest works:

Here is the Spam Arrest FAQ.

They also have an Affiliate Program that pays you 50% of the sign up fee. Sign up and recommend it to all your Christian friends and either give them a discount or make a bit of money.

If you sign up through my More Christ Like Affiliate link, I will send you the 50% fee I get to your PayPal account (if you don’t have a PayPal account, my payment to your email will automatically start the sign up of a PayPal account for you). That means that you can get this service for about $25 a year. That’s half price!

PayPal fees for personal accounts are free. Withdraw fees for amounts less than $150 CAN are $0.50.

You will need to send me an email with a request to refund you the affiliate commission and provide the date you purchased it and the email address you got the service for. Also, if you want me to set up Spam Arrest on your computer, I am willing to do that for a small fee (I change $45 per visit for friends — my normal computer billing rate is $95 and my SEO consulting rate is $298 so $45 is very cheap) and if you invite me for supper I will do it for free : )

I do work in the St. Thomas to Tillsonburg area.

–Emails a challenge response to first time emails before you get that email.
–Works with any email software and is operating system independent.
–You can approve automated senders.
–You can block or authorize entire domains.
–You can review unverified emails for 7 days.
–You can auto authorize your email address book.
–$49.95 USD a years with ~50% off if you purchase via the More Christ Like Affiliate link.
–You can pay by credit card, check or money order.

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