May 14

For Sale Cervelo P2 SL 2007
Cervelo P2 SL

Since I am now biking 25km a day in my workout I decided that a bit better bike would be in order. Cervelo was the brand I wanted and I when with the P2SL triathlon model. I found one just my size on

The Cervelo P2 SL is one of the most popular TT/Triathlon bikes in the mid $2000s range.

The person that owned this bike just happened to be the same height and shoe size as me and has almost the same inseam so it was like the bike was prefitted for me.

The bike size is 51cm which is just about right for me. The bike has a Cateye computer, Ultegra groupset, Profile Design seat and aerobars, and Look PP 396 pedals.

It came with a pair of 42 entry level SH-R085 Shimano shoes and a Specialized helmet.

I picked it up this afternoon and when I got it home I took it for a 25km spin. It’s going to take a little bit of getting use to but I liked how fast it goes.

I did 2 legs of my daily workout but it was to late for me to do my 5km run. 1st let of 12.5km took me 31:53 and the 3nd leg took me 30:03 including my transition times. Yesterday my 3rd leg of 12.5km took me 33:45.

I also had quite a bit of wind today so it will be interesting to see what the bike will do on a calm day.

Model Highlights:
–Full aero TT/Tri frame and seatpost – Building on twelve years of experience, this member of the P2 family offers pro-level performance at an affordable price. The downtube, seattube and seatpost all feature Cervelo’s proprietary TrueAero aerodynamic shapes.

–Rearwheel cutout – The seattube features a tight-fitting rearwheel cutout to further improve the aeordynamics. The frame has horizontal dropouts with set-screws to allow the rider to adjust the cutout gap depending on the size of tire used, and ensures that the airflow from the seattube to the rearwheel is as smooth as possible for tire sizes from 19-25mm.

–Cervelo Smartwall 2 tubing – Putting the material where it matters, the P2 SL offers great bottom bracket and torsional stiffness despite the narrow aerodynamic profile of its tubes.

–ICS Internal Cable Stops – The best internal cable stop system available. Easy to install, easy to service, easy to keep clean and improved aerodynamics.

–Adjustable geometry – The flippable seatpost allows for an adjustment in seattube angle range of anywhere between 74-79 degrees to tailor the geometry to your specific desires.

Here are some reviews of the Cervelo P2 SL bike from Road Bike Review.

Originally Posted: Mar 29, 2009

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