Mar 03

Primera Bravo ProI am pricing out a CD duplicator and printer. The plan is to make copies of the KJV Bible to pass out. I would pass these out with tracts when I go door-to-door distributing Gideon Bibles, and when I go to Christian concerts. I would also pass out other audio books and messages.

Here is what I have found so far.

BravoPro CD/DVD Publisher for $3,995.00 retail.

“BravoPro™ is a high-performance disc publisher. It automatically burns and prints up to 100 CDs or DVDs at a time – all in a compact, attractive unit. With unparalleled durability, dependability and reliability, BravoPro is the best choice for businesses and organizations that demand solid performance and value.”

You can get a refurbished unit as low as $1995 on eBay.

CISS Continuous Ink SystemYou would want to add to this printer a CISS Continuous Ink System. The CISS Continuous Ink System can be had on eBay for $224.38.

Printable CDsHere is 50 pcs of CD-R PLASMON WHITE INKJET PRINTABLE for only $9.95 CDN.

So for $1995 + $60 shipping for the BravoPro printer and $224.38 + $45 shipping for the CISS’s continuous ink system (total $2324.38 USD) you can duplicate and print CD’s for $0.15 each in print/duplication jobs of 100 CD’s at a time.

Well, this is good information to know.

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One Response to “CD Duplicator Printer System”

  1. 1. Pierre Filion Says:

    At $4000. the Bravo Pro…Bravo! If you can sell at this price in the economic crisis!!! I can buy 3 of R-Quest Flashjet 4800 for!!! Or 220 CD/DVD autoloader with the Flashjet at less $$$ Also the Bravo Pro don’t last long time!!

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