• A Blow at the Root - “Without holiness no man shall see the Lord,” shall see the face of God in glory. Nothing under heaven can be more sure than this; “for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.” No, it cannot be; none that shall live with God, but he that now lives to God; [...]
  • Contrast between Old Testament and New Testament - Old Testament: Longing Job 23:3 Creator Gen 1:1 Majestic God Ex 19:18 First Things Gen 1:1 Spiritual Darkness Ps 82:5 Satan’s Victory Gen 3:6 Sin’s Curse Gen 3:17-19 Death Regnant Gen 3:19 Bloody Sacrifices Ex 12:3-7 Bondage Pr 5:22 Law Ex 20:1-17 Types And Shadows Heb 8:5 Outward Ceremonies Heb 9:10 The Letter Rom 7:6 Prophecy Isa 11:1-2 Expected Messiah Mal 3:1 Paradise Lost Gen 3:23 New Testament: Realization [...]
  • Legalized Adultery - Look at the legalized adultery we call divorce. Men marry one wife after another and are still admitted into good society; and women do likewise. There are thousands of supposedly respectable men in American living with other men’s wives, and thousands of supposedly respectable women living with other women’s husbands. –R.A. [...]
  • Seven Editions of Divine Law - “The divine method of gradual revelation and publication of the law was given in seven steps. It was first written upon nature, next upon man’s conscience, then the fundamental principles upon the tables of stone. In due time Jesus appeared as the perfect embodiment of the truth, which he illustrated in [...]
  • Praying Against Temptations - To pray against temptations, and yet to rush into occasions, is to thrust your fingers into the fire, and then pray that they may not be burned. –Author Unknown
  • The Use of Money - The following are John Wesley’s 4 questions from his sermon The Use of Money. If, then, a doubt should at any time arise in your mind concerning what you are going to expend, either on yourself or any part of your family, you have an easy way to remove it. Calmly [...]