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  • Mandarin Chinese Tones - Mandarin Chinese has four pitched tones and a toneless tone. 1. The first tone (Flat or High Level Tone) is represented by a macron (ˉ) added to the pinyin vowel: 2. The second tone (Rising or High-Rising Tone) is denoted by an acute accent (ˊ): 3. The third tone (Falling-Rising [...]
  • How To Install Chinese On Windows XP - Here is a Chinese phrase 圣经教导我们神的意愿。 If the above Chinese phrase looks like then you don’t have Chinese set up on your computer correctly. If the first Chinese phrase looks like the following then you have Chinese setup on your computer correctly. How To Install Chinese On Windows XP 1. Open the Windows Control Panel. 2. [...]
  • Mandarin — The Bible Tells Us The Will Of God - In this post I have removed the English and all the recordings are Mandarin only. There is my try at the phrase, then Angela does the phrase in Mandarin, the phrase with a one second pause between each word, the phrase in two parts, and then each word by itself. By [...]
  • Street Preaching In Mandarin - We are looking at hiring Angela to help Victor Wiebe, John Banman, and myself learn around 30 Mandarin phrases so we can do some street preaching on the Chinese New Years day (Feb 14th) in Toronto. We hope to get the Mandarin New Testaments from the Gideons. Here is some samples of [...]