Holiness Movement

  • ‘Radical Righteousness’ by Wallace Thornton - I am currently reading ‘Radical Righteous — Personal Ethics and the Development of the Holiness Movement’ by Wallace Thornton. Yet another book from Russell’s library. This book traces the development and influence of personal ethics and outward standards from the start of Wesley’s ‘holy clubs’ up to the mid to late [...]
  • Holiness Books in Electronic Format - Holiness Data Ministry, which is run by Duane & Dorothea Maxey, offer via postal mail Holiness Books in electronic format on DVD’s in PDF and TXT format. You can view the Authors and Titles of these books on their site. Holiness Data Ministry DVD discs are the fruit of labor across more [...]
  • Inconsistencies of No-Sects - ‘The Ups and Downs of a Pioneer Preacher’ by E.E. Shelhamer 5. Inconsistencies of No-Sects After Three Years Absence Returns Home — Experience With The “No-Sects” — Their Inconsistencies and Destructive Work. Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out [...]
  • Questions from ‘Perfect Love’ - I just posted the questions from E.T. Curnick’s A Catechism on Christian Perfection, and I thought it would be good while I am on the subject to post the questions from J.A. Wood’s book ‘Perfect Love’. J.A. Wood’s book ‘Perfect Love’ had two main editions, the original edition when the book [...]
  • Questions from ‘A Catechism on Christian Perfection’ - I finished reading E.T. Curnick’s 203-page book ‘A Catechism on Christian Perfection’ this morning. As I noted in my post A Catechism On Christian Perfection, I purchased 2 copies since the one I was reading was borrowed. This book is very much like J.A. Wood’s book ‘Perfect Love’. Both books are [...]
  • A Catechism on Christian Perfection - The book ‘A Catechism on Christian Perfection’ by Edward T. Curnick is a gem. I am only on page 19 of this book that I am reading from Russell Stephenson’s library, but I am enjoying it so much I purchased two copies this morning. I found the first copy of A [...]
  • “Perfect Love” By J. A. Wood - I picked up a copy of J. A. Wood’s “Perfect Love” 1861 edition on eBay for $6 USD from Bbrrmm Books. Wood published a revised and enlarged version in 1880, which I have read a number of times. This book is one of the best books I have read on the subject [...]
  • New Booklet — A Call To Backslidders - I got up early Saturday morning and read John Wesley’s sermon on A Call To Backslidders and enjoyed it so much that I put it into booklet form and printed a short run. He deals with those that doubt that the mercy of God can be extended to them after they [...]
  • John Wesley’s Writings - I hold John Wesley in high regard and consider myself Wesleyan-Arminian in doctrine. For those that have an interest in what John Wesley taught, I have posted a number of links below. I would suggest beginning with Wesley’s short book on “Plain Account of Christian Perfection” and then from there [...]