Holiness Authors

  • ALTAR WORK: Prayer Important - Brother, when any persons come forward to be prayed for, and you undertake to lead in prayer, then pray for them. If you are not in a spiritual condition to do it, then be honest and go forward for prayers yourself. But do not substitute a sermon on your knees for [...]
  • ‘Pungent Truths’ by B.T. Roberts - I have been reading in ‘Pungent Truths’ off and on for the past week. ‘Pungent Truths’ has over 500 short excerpts from the writings of B.T. Roberts while he was the editor of ‘The Free Methodist’ paper. This would be during the period of 1886 and 1890. I have enjoyed these [...]
  • Importance of making ACCURATE STATEMENTS - Form habits of accuracy. It will add to your happiness, your usefulness, your prosperity, and your piety. You can depend upon yourself, and others can depend upon you. A text of Scripture which you will want to use, commit carefully to memory, and quote it as it is. Do not [...]
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