• HHO System With 10 To 1 Efficiency Rate? - Future Energy Concepts Inc. is claimed to have converted a 2004 Dodge pickup to run on nothing but hydroxy gas. The hydroxy gas is produced by an on-demand super efficient electrolysis system that has a 10 to 1 efficiency rate. They claim this super efficient electrolysis system will product 56 liters [...]
  • My Utility History - It is good to know what you are paying for utilities. Here is my electric, gas, water, and sewer for the year. Date | Elec kWh | Elec $ | Gas M3| Gas $ | Water M3 | Water $ | Sewer $ | Total $ Nov08 693kWh $81.75 28.1M3 $45.00 14M3 [...]
  • AlertMe Helps Control Energy Usage - Energy consumption is one of the biggest household costs – a cost which continues to rise. Yet we have no real visibility of where our energy is actually going, or any effective means of controlling it. At the same time, the news about climate change gets worse and worse. We know [...]
  • Energy Used By Type of Vehicle - 28% of all energy used in United States goes to the transportation of people and goods. 17% of all energy used in United States (60% transportation energy) is used by cars and light trucks. Energy Used By Type of Vehicle: