Church of God Restoration

  • Banned by the Church of God Restoration - There are 4 articles published on this site that are in the Church of God Restoration category. I had planned to wait awhile before I published this booklet, as I have been working on articles addressing each of the 16 objections to the practices and doctrines that I sent to [...]
  • One True Visible Church (OTVC) Teaching - Groups that hold the “One True Visible Church” (OTVC) doctrine teach that their group is the only church, that all honest people will come to them, and that God is not working with any other group but them. If they put you out of their fellowship, they hold that you [...]
  • How To Act Toward Those That Do You Wrong - When I was cast out of the Restoration congregation in Aylmer because I disagreed with some of their practices and teachings, I determined by the grace of God to not act like they would act toward me (I have been around them for 20 years and I know how they [...]
  • Embrace Your Trials - Embracing trials with open arms, They waft us up above. They are the chariots sent from God, To purify our love. They come from friends and family, Those that hurt the most. They cause us to walk alone, To ride with angel host. Embrace your lot in this life, Twill all soon be past. Do those things that please the [...]
  • 16 Objections to COGR Practices & Doctrines - I was surprised to say the least when I was asked to meet my Pastor, Henry Hildebrandt, at this office on July 22nd to find out that I was banned from all the meetings of the Church of God (Restoration). I was told by Henry that the decision was made [...]
  • My Email to Henry Hildebrandt - Dear brother Henry, I am sorry I took so long to answer your email. I have done my best to carefully and prayerfully answer your questions and to be honest and up front with you as to where I stand. I wrote this reply on May 12th (a week after I [...]
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