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  • More Christ Like Holiness Journal - Well I got up early this morning, had good devotions, and got right at my new project for the day — August’s copy of the More Christ Like Holiness Journal. This Holiness Journal is going to be printed monthly and will be published not in the interest of some sect [...]
  • Booklet Update — How to be More Christ Like - How To Become More Christ Like has been updated and the new edition has gone from 12 pages to 16 pages. I added a section on having a holy body (1Cor 7:34) and did some other updates on the other topics that are in the booklet. While I know the booklet [...]
  • The Usefullness of a Small New Testament - I have been carrying a small New Testament in my shirt pocket for quite some time now, and I try to remember to take it with me everywhere I go. Many times I am able to pull it out and look up a scripture that has come to my mind [...]
  • First Run on New Printer - Well the new printer I picked up here on the Island works better than the one I have in Aylmer. I just printed off my first run of 200 booklets (600 pages) and there were no problems at all. To the right is my first run of 200 [...]
  • Booklet Stapler & Bibles - I when to the Amish book store and pick up 30 New Testaments. These New Testaments are KVJ and while they may be hard for the unchurched to read but they will need to do until I can find some NKJV. I have one of these New Testaments that [...]
  • Brochure Displays - I am looking at getting some brochure display units to put in stores in Aylmer, Tillsonburg, and St. Thomas. I have a number of booklets I would like to distribute and I would like to do a bi-monthly holiness newsletter using posts from this blog. Here are some displays [...]
  • Booklet Maker - Here is a good list of booklet makers. I like the Akiles BookletMac and am looking for a used one. This will fold a 11 x 8.5 sheet into a 8 page 4.25 x 5.5 tract and all you have to do is trim one edge and it [...]
  • Printer with a Duplexer for Booklet Making - I found a nice HP LaserJet 2200d printer for sale in Barrie on Kijiji for $50. The owner kindly took it to the courier this morning and I will get it Friday by noon at the lastest with shipping costing $35 — very good deal. This will give me [...]
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