Christian Friends

  • Brothers At Work - Brothers At Work: Hello from bJohn Banman, bBob Mutch, bVictor Wiebe, and brother Abe Fehr!
  • Church Of God Restoration Aylmer - Here is a beautiful picture of the congregation of the Church Of God Restoration in Aylmer. I just love there outward standard and I have never seen a better form of worship than I have among the Restoration. I believe they truly worship from their hearts. Oh how I miss them [...]
  • Henry Wall Goes To Jail - About 6 months ago brother Henry Wall was involved in an accident where the life of one of the passengers of the car he was driving was lost. Through this experience he turn away from sin to Christ and was converted. His conversion has had an effect on his family [...]
  • John Banman - Here is a John Banman dear Christian friend of mine. John Banman: J Banman: Banman:
  • Marc Villeneuve - Here is Marc Villeneuve a dear Christian friend of mine. Marc Villeneuve:
  • A Total Sweet Heart - I really love this little boy. He is A Total Sweet Heart!
  • Christian Friends - Here is a nice picture of some of my Christian friends.