• Turn Thumbnail Pictures Into Popups - When you are blogging it helps to break up your text with a thumbnail picture or two. You don’t want to use full size pictures as most blog home pages displays 10 posts and you will end up slowing down your home page load. Here is an easy way to make [...]
  • Get More Blog Comments - Here is a list of ways you can get more blog comments on your blog. Blog comments are an important part of blogging as they will encourage a blogger to keep on blogging. Consistent blogging take dedication and a lot of bloggers that don’t make money off there blog will experience [...]
  • 4 Ways To Encourage A Blogger - I was thinking of the different things that encourage bloggers to post more often and thought I would share them with you my readers. 1) Ask a question you would like to see posted on. 2) Comment your view concerning a blog post. 3) Share in the comments if a post blessed you. 4) [...]
  • CSS Image Border - When I blog I do my posts in the HTML view in WordPress. This gives me the ability to apply HTML tags to the text, links, and pictures. This post shows how to add a CSS Image Border to a picture you have added to your blog post. Pictures that [...]
  • Blogging With The iPad - Blogging with the iPad requires working through a number of issues. One the the biggest issues is going to be the issue of typing. The screen keyboard takes up half of the screen and it also takes a bit getting used to. I type at 65wpm and don’t look at the [...]
  • Blogging Sisters - My brain is always working and I am always coming up with ideas. Many of them are not the best and never pan out but from time to time I come up with some good ideas. Here is one the latest ideas I have come up with. I purchased the [...]